Pfaff Sewing Machine Troubleshooting (Fix & Repair Guide) Update 05/2022

It’s that time of year. Your sewing machine won’t sew or you’re having trouble getting the stitches to line up properly. These things happen from time to time, and any home sewer should know how to locate and correct the problem.
Keep a record is one of the first things you should learn if you possess a sewing machine, and it doesn’t have to be a Pfaff. Your hunt for the problem afflicting your sewing machine will be shortened if you keep track of your oiling, maintenance, and repairs.

Troubleshooting Pfaff Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

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It’s that time of year. Your sewing machine won’t sew or you’re having trouble getting the stitches to line up properly. These things happen from time to time, and any home sewer should know how to locate and correct the problem.
Keep a record is one of the first things you should learn if you possess a sewing machine, and it doesn’t have to be a Pfaff. Your hunt for the problem afflicting your sewing machine will be shortened if you keep track of your oiling, maintenance, and repairs.
Continue reading our post to learn how to identify and fix some common sewing machine issues. It provides you with the information you require, provides the solution, and allows you to sew faster than ever before.

Pfaff Sewing Machine Won’t Sew

Your oiling and cleaning handbook would be the first place to look. If it’s been a while, that could be the source of the issue. Clean and grease your machine well, and you’re done with the problem.
If this isn’t the case, look at how you threaded your machine. Re-thread the machine if you made a mistake somewhere along the route. It’s also possible that you didn’t turn on the power, that you didn’t plug your machine in, or that a wire is loose somewhere.
Check those areas first, then take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Your foot pedal may not operate if a wire is loose, so check the wires and fix any that are loose. Make sure the bobbin lever is in the sew position as well.
It is preferable to take your computerized sewing machine to a certified repairman. Also, if your warranty is still valid, do not touch the machine because doing so will nullify it.

Pfaff Bobbin Problems

These can be plentiful, and it may take some time to pinpoint the exact problem, but start by looking at how you wound it. You will have bobbin difficulties if you did not wound the bobbin correctly.
On some machines, the bobbin has a little notch that must match the bobbin post’s notch. You may experience issues if those are not properly aligned. Simply line up the notches.
Check the needle if that doesn’t solve the problem. Is it the right one for the machine and the material? Is it done incorrectly? Is it correctly and completely inserted? Is the needle damaged, twisted, or dull?
When looking for a solution, you should ask yourself these four questions. If the first, second, and fourth difficulties are the cause, replace the needle. If the third issue is the source of your problem, re-insert your needle.
As always, inspect the bobbin and bobbin case area for cleanliness. If not, clean it well. Finally, make sure the thread you chose is smooth, not too big for the needle, and free of knots. If certain items are present, the thread should be changed.

Bobbin Not Catching

It’s possible that your machine’s timing is inaccurate in this scenario. To pick up the bobbin thread, the needle must be in the perfect spot at the exact time. The solution to this problem will take some time.
To disassemble a Pfaff 2030, first remove the foot holder, foot, and feed plate. That is, after you have unplugged your computer.
The base must then be removed. Keep an eye on the cords and avoid breaking any plastic pieces. Now disconnect the feed mode switch linkage, taking care not to destroy anything.
Remove the cover from the bobbin area once that is completed. Prepare to tweak the hook and needle now that your timing area has been shown. Make that the bobbin and bobbin casing are no longer attached.
Slowly turn the hand wheel, making sure the needle only moves down and up once while the bobbin mechanism rotates twice. Turn the hand wheel in your direction until the needle is completely lowered.
After that, look to see if the needle is sticking out 3/32″ (2.4 mm). It should be at 2.2 mm on a Pfaff. Check to see if the hook is right behind the needle at that time.
If the hook is not in that position, turn the bobbin area until it is. Tighten the back adjustment screw after that. Now verify to see that the timing is correct, and then reassemble the machine.

How to Take Apart a Pfaff Sewing Machine

These instructions are for the Pfaff 1214/1213/1222E Sewing Machine. Keep in mind that the owner’s handbook will not tell you how to do this since they don’t want you to mess with the machine.
  • Remove the top cover first. There are no screws, but you must follow a specific procedure to ensure that the coverings stay securely in place when finished.
  • Step 2: Remove the front cover’s set screws. This is the portion that sits on top of the needle in front of the machine.
  • Step 3: unscrew the screw on the bottom center. Then pull towards you by pushing the motor or back cover down a little. The hand wheel should now be clear.
  • Step 4: To remove the bottom cover, you must first remove the top and back covers. Then you loosen five screws, one of which is hidden in a little hole. Remove the screw that is keeping the free arm in place.
  • Step 5: The Pfaff sewing machine is now disassembled. When reassembling it, simply reverse the steps and you should be OK.

Pfaff Repair Manual

If you own a current or near-modern sewing machine, getting manuals for a Pfaff sewing machine should not be difficult. You can look at this link, but be prepared to pay if we do not state that the handbook is free on any given website.
The next location will be a free download, although we are unsure if it will include all Pfaff repair manuals. You may find out more by pressing this button. You can try the Pfaff website, but we haven’t found it to be particularly useful.
This is another free service manual download page. It appears to contain numerous pages of Pfaff sewing machine manuals. This is the next location to check out. We don’t know how much it will cost you, but it shouldn’t be too expensive.
Then there’s this website, which has manuals for a variety of equipment, but the costs are usually rather costly. There is also this webpage. It’s a little less expensive than the previous one, and you might have to look around a bit to locate one that fits your machine.

Pfaff Sewing Machine Won’t Turn On

Not to be disrespectful, but there are a few basic solutions you might consider before becoming offended. Check that the machine is turned on, that the power switch is turned on, and that the foot pedal is properly hooked in.
Checking those basic areas early will save you a lot of trouble later. The next step is to look for any frayed or loose wiring. Allow the qualified repairman to hunt for and repair your sewing machine if it is still under warranty.
If not, replace frayed wires and tighten loose wires. After that, double-check your cleaning routine to ensure the gadget doesn’t require any additional cleaning or oiling. Lack of lubrication might cause various parts to freeze and prevent the sewing machine from turning on.
If these simple fixes don’t work, double-check that the bobbin and case are properly inserted, that the needle isn’t damaged or deformed, and that you’ve threaded the machine appropriately.
Replace the needle and re-thread the machine after replacing the bobbin and casing.

Foot Pedal Not Working

When this section of your sewing machine stops working, there are usually only a few parts to inspect. If it contains a capacitor, that small component may need to be changed. It is simple to inspect and just takes a few seconds to determine whether or not it has burned out.
The wiring should then be examined. If the wires are frayed or loose, just tighten or replace them to get the foot pedal working again. Check the cord from the foot pedal to the sewing machine to determine if it has shorted out, had wires loosened, or is otherwise damaged.
If this is the case, the foot pedal may need to be replaced. Replace the pedal if you’ve addressed all of these issues and it still doesn’t work. Allow a trained repairman to work on pedals that include computer chips.
Computer chips are not for the old-fashioned handyman or those who have never worked with them before.

Pfaff Sewing Machine Handwheel Hard to Turn

Check the typical suspects first in this case. To begin, check your cleaning and oiling routine to see if the machine requires either. Whether that’s the case, run those commands and see if the problem goes away.
A single thread in the hook area can sometimes cause a jam, so inspect your machine thoroughly and thoroughly. This type of issue is common in the bobbin and hook area.
If the machine has a small thread, grab the handwheel with one hand and the inner wheel with the other, and turn the handwheel hard towards you. That should close the loop.
Also, make sure the inner wheel isn’t the source of the problem. It can become stuck and require cleaning or lubrication to unstick. There’s also the possibility that a machine bearing has failed.
If your vehicle is still under warranty, this will not be a costly repair. If you aren’t, consider if the cost of the repair is worthwhile.

Pfaff Sewing Machine Stuck in Reverse

You’re probably sick of hearing it, but a dirty sewing machine can prevent your machine from stitching ahead. It may be stopped in the forward direction but not in the reverse if the feed dog area is unclean. Remove all the threads and debris from your feed dog area.
A small metal pivoting rod in some Pfaff sewing machines made between 1980 and 2000 may become caught and prevent your machine from switching gears. This pivot rod repair can take some time, and you may not have the patience to complete it.
To get to it, you’ll have to remove the machine’s bottom. The filth on the rod may be removed with a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol. Also, the reverse button may be stuck, so obtain your receipt and swap it for a new one that isn’t broken if it’s a fresh buy.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a Pfaff sewing machine is similar to maintaining any other type of sewing machine. There are widespread problems with a common cause, and you must spend time cleaning and lubricating them.
Always double-check that you have properly threaded the machine, placed the bobbin and its case, and then moved the bobbin lever to sew. Check the needle to ensure it is the correct one for the machine and fabric, and that it is not bent, broken, or inserted inappropriately.
Simple fixes come first, followed by the more challenging ones.

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