Sewing Machine by Riccar (Models, Company, Value, Review) Update 05/2022

It could be a good machine you’ve never heard of. Riccar sewing machines have been around for about 80 years, however they are not as widely recognized as other Japanese sewing machine brands. This firm was possibly Japan’s best-kept secret.

Riccar began in 1939 under the name Nippon Shokusan Kogyo, which was later changed to Rikagaku Kogyo. After some success with its revolutionary marketing approach of subscriptions and installments, the company renamed itself Riccar Sewing Machine Company Ltd.

Continue reading our post to learn more about the Riccar sewing machine manufacturer. It studies the situation in order to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Are Riccar Sewing Machines Still Made?


In a nutshell, Riccar sewing machines are still manufactured. Can you discover one? That is the true question you must answer. At the time of writing, these devices were only accessible through authorized dealers.

Finding an authorized dealer in your area is sometimes a difficult task. To find out where their dealers are, you’d have to contact the company directly. There appears to be only one distributor in Indonesia.

Riccar was originally a Japanese company that had a lot of success there. Their headquarters are now in Indonesia, and whether they are still governed by Japanese is a topic that remains unsolved.

Simply click on this link to visit the company’s contact page and request a list of dealers. Although the company aspires to be Indonesia’s largest trading company, its marketing strategies for sewing machines are lacking.

It has a strong mission statement that communicates their goal to win while also caring for their personnel. Even though that sounds fantastic, it doesn’t make it any easier for customers to find a new Riccar. A used one should be easier to get by than a new one.

Who Made Riccar Sewing Machines?

The company was self-contained and ran its own performance for almost 45 years. The name of the company was changed from Riccar Sewing Machine Company Ltd to Riccar Company Ltd in 1973, and it is being used today.

However, Daiei, a high-end department store similar to Marks & Spencers, purchased the company in 1985. Unfortunately, the company’s history ends that year. We looked on the sewing machine and vacuum cleaner websites but couldn’t find any more information about the company or who makes Riccar sewing machines.

It is reported that their sewing machines are still available for purchase, and that many models are still manufactured, but the company is now primarily concentrated on its vacuum cleaner section.

If you have any inquiries for the company, you should visit their contact page because they have a strong reputation for producing high-quality machines. Those machines just lack the capabilities and possibilities seen on more well-known manufacturers’ sewing machines.

There’s also no news on why the corporation relocated to Indonesia and established its headquarters there.

The Riccar Sewing Machine Company


The Riccar sewing machine company is difficult to evaluate. It is not a creature that revels in its past, preferring to concentrate on the present and future. At least, that’s what the company’s about us, mission, and vision statements imply.

The marketing style is distinct, and it clearly does not grab a significant share of the sewing machine industry. It is sufficient to carve out a little niche so that the company is not overrun with orders and the quality of their machines suffers.

While they still make sewing machines, they don’t produce as many as Brother, Janome, or Juki. The corporation appears to be keeping quiet about why it went from being a large Japanese sewing machine manufacturing company to a specialized factory.

The problem this business approach causes for its consumers is that finding a qualified and approved repairman to fix the machine is difficult. Riccar is rumored to be owned by the Tacony corporation, however this has yet to be confirmed. It’s possible that this ownership is confined to the Riccar vacuum cleaner company.

Where are Riccar Sewing Machines Made?

Their sewing machines are still built in Indonesia, as far as anyone can tell. That is where their headquarters and single Indonesian distributor are located. There are claims that the company has discontinued producing sewing machines, however their sewing website, which is mentioned above, states that they are still in production.

The firm is just as secretive about its manufacturing plants as it is about its recent history. If the reports are accurate, Tacony may be manufacturing Riccar sewing machines in their own factories.

The important question here isn’t where they’re created, but rather how good they are. These vacuum cleaners are top-of-the-line and described as “world-class.” That degree of quality appears to extend to their sewing machine lines, as evidenced by the many used sewing machines on the market.

Riccar sewing machines have a high reputation and are popular among expert seamstresses regardless of where they are manufactured. The limited purchasing alternatives also assist the company maintain its high standards and protect their machines from going the way of many other sewing machines, as previously stated.

Vintage Riccar Sewing Machine Models


Several of the older Riccar sewing machines appear to be operational. As previously said, the company prioritizes quality above quantity, thus their devices are built to last.

The Riccar 3400 SUPER STRETCH is one antique model, while others include the OverLock Serger Model RL 634DE, 808E, 9800 super stretch, and so on.

Although the manufacturer may not make large quantities of these individual models, they appear to be plentiful and ready to use. If you’re looking for a list of other antique models that don’t include Riccar sewing machines, click on this link.

On that page, there are more models mentioned than there are on the company’s website. Many seamstresses choose the 250, 1570, and R750 models because they appear to be up to the work of heavy-duty sewing.

If you’re not interested in vintage models, simply go to the company’s website and scroll down to the bottom. There is a list of the company’s modern models. You can also look at their products to see what they’re working on right now.

Riccar Sewing Machine Super Stretch

We identified three different super-stretch variants for sale on eBay. The 3400 was one, the 808E was another, and the 9800 Super Z Stretch machine was the last. All three appeared to be in good functioning order.

The 9800 has a button to shift the needle up or down and a multitude of accessories. The 808 E then came with approximately 25 stitch patterns and other capabilities, making it an extremely versatile device.

Finally, the 3400 was a machine with a simple design and few stitch possibilities. However, the straightforward design made it simple to operate. The one thing all three sewing machines have in common is that none of them cost more than $100. Only one came close with an approximate price of $90, while the other two were closer to $50.

Their age could have played a role in their poor worth. Apart from that, these devices appear to be in good working order, despite the fact that repairs may be difficult to come by. Each machine had its own unique qualities that helped distinguish it from the others and made it superior to the others.

Is Riccar a Good Sewing Machine?


We are impressed by the great quality of their machines and the high standards to which they hold themselves. Quality has resulted in good equipment that have stood the test of time.

Each model has its own distinguishing trait that makes it stand out. Furthermore, their simple designs make it simple for newcomers to understand how to operate them. The company’s electronic 2700 series, which includes touch screen capabilities, may be an exception to the simplistic rule.

Furthermore, no complaints about Riccar sewing machines or other products have been reported. The lack of authorized dealers and access to repairmen has been the only serious gripe.

That business model has no bearing on the machine’s quality or performance until it malfunctions. Overall, these machines are probably comparable to their more well-known counterparts, and choosing this brand of sewing machines will not cost you anything.

The quality is excellent, and these machines are not in the least bit unattractive. The trick is figuring out which model is best for you, as Riccar offers several.

Our Riccar Sewing Machine Review

We’ve included a portion of our review above, and based on what we’ve learned, choosing a Riccar over a Bernina, Brother, Janome, or other top brand sewing machine will not leave you dissatisfied.

These devices have the functionality that most sewers require and are appropriate for their skill level. The simpler variants are ideal for novices beginning to sew, and the results of their sewing endeavors will be improved by using a Riccar.

The company then provides not only the many classes of their sewing machine models on its products page, but also the accessible spare parts. That means you can quickly order parts for your Riccar multifunction, overlock, embroidery, and other sewing machines.

Their website’s one flaw is that it lacks a checkout page or a shopping cart. You can inquire about how they manage sales by utilizing their contact page. Apart from that flaw, we do not believe these sewing machines are inferior to other brands in any way.

Their commitment to quality above quantity is admirable, and it helps us see their sewing machines in a positive light.

How Much is a Riccar Sewing Machine Worth?


Given Riccar’s business model, one might argue that their older computers are extremely valuable. Those machines were not produced in large quantities, therefore there may not be many left.

Unfortunately, based on what we’ve seen, vintage and not-so-recent modern versions aren’t worth much. They are simple machines in terms of design and function, which could be one of the reasons for their low value.

The Riccar Bernina, which may or may not be related to this company, sells used for $580 to $899, but just one vintage Riccar has ever reached the $200 mark. The rest of the items on eBay were priced quite low.

More recent and current models will be worth around what you bought for them, less a small amount of depreciation. Again, the lack of spare parts, repairmen, and authorized dealers may have an impact on their value, making them less desired than an ancient Remington, Free, or other 19th or early 20th-century machine.

Where to Buy Riccar Sewing Machines

Dwi Mitra Perkasa is the company’s exclusive distributor in Indonesia. They have an exclusive agreement with the manufacturer and ensure that the machines are delivered to the country’s authorized dealers.

There are outlets in various countries; however, you must contact the company to locate an approved dealer. These are privately held enterprises, and this link will take you to an American vacuum dealer. If they don’t have that product, they might be able to refer you to someone who does.

You can find a dealer in Canada by contacting the Hibbert International company at the following address.

Call 800-661-1467 or write 161 – 10301 – 19th Street NE, Calgary, Alberta, T3J 0R1.

An online search result lists several independent sellers, so that may be your second best option for purchasing a Riccar sewing machine and getting spare components.

Riccar does not sell through big box retailers or department stores, so you’ll need to put in some effort and time.

How do You use a Riccar Sewing Machine?


Reading the handbook carefully is the best method to learn how to use a Riccar sewing machine. These instructions are jam-packed with information to assist you thread the machine and perform some self-troubleshooting.

This link is another place to look for a manual. This is the most expensive option, with the manuals costing $15 each. Then you may check out this company to see what kind of manuals they have. Even though the price is mentioned in British Pounds, the ones they sell are a little less expensive.

Finding Riccar Sewing Machine Parts

The good news is that spare parts for your Riccar sewing machine appear to be available from a number of firms other than Riccar and its approved dealer network.

This link leads to one area where you may find spare parts for your model by just clicking on the model number. Then go to this website to find a different company that sells spare parts by model number.

If you can’t locate what you’re looking for in those places, try Amazon. You might also try this firm, who claims to carry Riccar spare parts. A short online search turned up a slew of websites selling Riccar sewing machine spare parts.

Final Thoughts

If you value quality over quantity, consider purchasing a Riccar sewing machine. This business no longer produces many of such devices, but when they do, they appear to be of the highest quality and longevity.

There are several vintage and new versions to pick from at a reasonable price. Many of the newest models are priced under $300, with some only reaching the $800 mark. They are very straightforward to operate with due to their simplistic design.

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