15 Gorgeous Ohio Star Quilt Patterns + A Simple Ohio Star Quilt Block Tutorial Update 05/2022

The Ohio Star quilt block is one of the most popular traditional star quilt blocks.

With its easy construction and eye-catching angles, this quilt block should be in every quilter’s repertoire.

We’ll talk about the history of this block today.

We’ll also go over how to make this block and look at 15 wonderful examples of its versatility.

What Is the Ohio Star in Quilting?

Let’s talk about the construction of this staple block before we start creating it. There are nine square patches in total in this block. This lovely yet simple design is made using a 3 x 3 arrangement with five squares and four QST (quarter square triangles) blocks.

ohio star quilt pattern

Two HST (half square triangles) are used to make the QST blocks, which I will demonstrate after we go into the history of this versatile quilt pattern.

What Is the History Behind the Ohio Star Quilt Pattern?

What is the age of the Ohio Star quilt block? The initial Ohio star quilt block is unknown, however it has been around since the early 1800s at the very least.

This block was popular among pioneer women quilters who made warm quilts for their families out of scraps of clothing and other fabrics during the winter months.

Depending on when and where the quilter was, the Ohio star quilt block was also known as the Eastern Star, Western Star, or Variable Star.

Ohio Star Quilt Pattern: A Simple Tutorial

What’s the best way to make an Ohio Star quilt? We’ve got you covered, but first you’ll need to learn how to make a single quilt block. I’ll show you how to make the Ohio Star quilt block shown below step by step.

ohio star quilt pattern

1. Cut your pieces.

We’ll build a 12″ Ohio Star quilt block for this example. We’ll need to cut the following to make this size block:

  • 4 4″ squares cut from background fabric (tan)
  • For the middle block, 1 4″ square (pink)
  • 2- 4 34″ squares cut from background fabric (tan)
  • 2- 4 34″ squares cut from yellow fabric
  • 4- 4 34″ squares cut from green fabric

2. Piece together the HST.

Place each yellow and tan piece right sides together with one of the green squares from the 4 34″ squares. On each stack of squares, draw a 45° line as shown below.

Piece together the HST Ohio start quilt pattern

Stitch 14″ on both sides of the drawn line on each square.

Ohio start quilt pattern

Cut along the red line you originally marked and push the seams open.

Ohio start quilt pattern

3. Piece together the QST.

Cut the four squares you’ve made in half diagonally.

Ohio start quilt pattern

To make eight triangles, cut the red line.

Ohio start quilt pattern

Sew together one of each color combination to make four new QST blocks.

Ohio start quilt pattern

4. Layout all nine squares to piece together the block.

This is the exciting part: seeing all of the elements that make up the Ohio Star quilt block put together.

Ohio start quilt pattern

Sew the horizontal rows together now.

Ohio start quilt pattern

To finish the block, sew all of the rows together.

Ohio start quilt pattern

That’s how you put an Ohio Star quilt block together! Isn’t it straightforward? Let’s look at some stunning, one-of-a-kind examples of how to use this block in a quilt design.

15 Gorgeous Ohio Star Quilt Patterns

You might assume that a quilt block that has been around for centuries isn’t very popular, but believe me when I say that the Ohio Star quilt block is just as popular today as it was a century ago. We’ll look at a few simple star quilt block ideas to get you started on your quilt.

1. River Espresso Ohio Star Block

River Espresso Ohio Star Block

A lovely little wall hanging quilt created with four Ohio Star blocks is shown here. This designer chose batik fabrics, which provide a depth of movement and color to this small quilt.

2. Ohio Stars Quilt Top

Ohio Stars Quilt Top

A quilt top made up of only one block type can be made lively and fresh by using a variety of colors. This quilter not only employed a variety of colors, but also numerous different prints to create a patchwork effect.

3. Ohio Supernova

Ohio Supernova

This quilt pattern can be purchased to make your own larger-than-life Ohio Star quilt block. This contemporary pattern will guide you through making a 72″ square quilt top.

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4. Sunset Ohio Star Mini Quilt

Sunset Ohio Star Mini Quilt

Let’s start with this lovely color pallet of earthy tones. This quilt is an excellent example of how to modernize a traditional quilt block.

5. Black and White Ohio Star Quilt

 Black and White Ohio Star Quilt

Check out this striking black and white quilt when it comes to modern quilt patterns. This quilt is a fantastic blend of modern and classic, and it will look just as beautiful in 100 years.

6. Variations of the Ohio Star Block

Variations of the Ohio Star Block

Rose @ Threadbare Creations has created various unique variants of the traditional Ohio Star quilt block, including the one shown above. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the classic block, you can experiment with alternative techniques and designs to personalize it.

7. Spring “Bee” Quilted Table Runner

Spring “Bee” Quilted Table Runner

This lesson is for you if you’re seeking for a free, straightforward way to build a smaller item with the Ohio Star block. This instruction for making this charming table runner is well-written and should just take a few hours to complete.

8. Ohio Star Brigade Pattern

Ohio Star Brigade Pattern

The Ohio Star Brigade quilt pattern is truly contemporary. The Ohio Star block is used in three sizes in this pattern, which are strategically placed across the quilt top to simulate the night sky.

9. Random Ohio Stars

Random Ohio Stars

Another free tutorial utilizing Ohio Star quilt blocks may be found here. This quilt, like #8, uses two different block sizes evenly spaced throughout the quilt top. Wouldn’t you like to see this quilt pattern in a dark color scheme?

10. Courthouse Steps + Ohio Star Quilt

Courthouse Steps + Ohio Star Quilt

The Ohio Star and Courthouse Steps blocks are combined in this quilt. The combination of the blocky Courthouse Steps and the Ohio Star’s sharp points creates an intriguing appearance.

11. Practical Magic Mini Quilt

Practical Magic Mini Quilt

Isn’t this a lovely little quilt? The Ohio Star blocks are made to look whimsical and playful by using bright, fresh colors. This tiny quilt could simply be made in an afternoon and used as a wall hanging or table centerpiece.

12. Red, White, and Grey Ohio Star Quilt

Red, White, and Grey Ohio Star Quilt

The only difference between this quilt and #5 (the black and white quilt) is the color scheme.

This color scheme is more traditional, but the black and white scheme is more contemporary.

13. MaryQuilts Ohio Star Quilt

MaryQuilts Ohio Star Quilt

To make this wonderful quilt, the designer fussy cut (cut particular pieces from a fabric pattern) the center blocks for each Ohio Star quilt block. Her finished quilt is 52″x66″ in size, which is ideal for a throw or lap quilt.

14. Ohio Star Quilt Video Tutorial

Ohio Star Quilt Video Tutorial

Missouri Quilt Co’s Jenny Doan has created an easy-to-follow video instruction for making this Ohio Star quilt. The best part is that this training is completely free. This patchwork quilt is a terrific way to get rid of those scraps you’re not sure what to do with.

15. Emilie Quilt Pattern

Emilie Quilt Pattern

The Emilie quilt design will show you how to make basic Ohio Star quilt blocks step by step. The pattern comes in three different sizes and is a terrific beginner-friendly pattern.

The Ohio Star quilt block, which dates from the Civil War, has weathered the test of time and is currently used by traditional and modern quilters around the world.

Hopefully, these beautiful quilts produced with the Ohio Star block will encourage you to incorporate it in your next quilting project.

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