Increasing the Size of a Hoodie Update 06/2022

Urban cool to minivan mom, oversized hoodies look amazing on everyone. However, the look is ruined if you take out your large hoodie and discover that it has shrunk in the wash or that you have grown in size! The good news is that if you learn how to make a hoodie bigger, you can still wear your baggy sweatshirt.

One of the most popular techniques to make a hoodie larger is to use a soothing soak or a handheld steamer to expand the sweatshirt. Making a hoodie larger can be done more permanently by changing the garment with sewing techniques. A hoodie’s neck or hood can be widened by tinkering with the hood or straps.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through five different ways to stretch and stitch a hoodie to make it bigger. What to do about shrinking in the wash? You’ll discover out in this guide. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to wear an enormous hoodie to its fullest potential!

How to Make a Hoodie Bigger

Can You Make a Hoodie Bigger?

If you don’t mind spending some time tailoring or stretching out your hoodie, it’s nearly always possible to make it larger. However, there are a slew of variables to consider.

Check the label on the inside of your hoodie to see what kind of fabric it is made of. There are two types of fleece used in sweatshirts: one that is knitted on the outside and one that is soft on the inside. However, this fabric might be made of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or a combination of the two.

Cotton has a high water absorption capacity, making it easy to stretch. When it comes to stretching, polyester fabric is less forgiving than other types of fabric. The fabric of your hoodie isn’t going to matter as much if you’re going to make sewing adjustments!

Another thing to think about is the hoodie’s size.

Because of its weave structure, sweatshirt fleece is prone to stretching out. Sewing machines can also be used to change clothing in a variety of ways. However, no matter what method you employ, you can’t normally enlarge a garment more than a size or two!

When it comes to your hoodie’s design, what is it? As a result, you may not want to risk stretching out the design, such as a witty meme or an excellent decal, on the front. Stretching the cloth will, of course, cause the print or vinyl to stretch as well. To be on the safe side, it’s best to sew the hoodie to your specifications.

How to Make a Hoodie Bigger: 5 Methods

Can You Make a Hoodie Bigger

As soon as you’re ready, you can try any one of five easy strategies to expand your hoodie. These include stretching out the hoodie using water or steam or trying a few sewing techniques to permanently alter the sweatshirt.

1. Stretch With Water

In the event that your hoodie was accidently shrunk in the dryer, simply stretch it out.

It’s easiest to stretch out a sweatshirt when it’s made of 100 percent cotton. The results will be less striking if you use this procedure on a polyester sweatshirt.

  1. A bucket large enough to accommodate your sweatshirt, or scrub your bathtub and use that!
  2. Warm water in a bucket or tub is a must. Add a small amount of baby shampoo or conditioner. To relax the fibers in the fabric, you just need a few tablespoons of whichever product you pick.
  3. Push any air bubbles out with your hands as you submerge your sweater in the water. Make sure it’s submerged by swishing it around a bit.
  4. Soak the hoodie for 30 minutes.
  5. Wash the conditioner out of the sweater by swishing it around in a tub of cool water or running cold water over it.
  6. As soon as you pull the hoodie out of the water, you’ll see that it’s rather cumbersome. To avoid damaging the fabric, try to squeeze out as much water as you can without wringing it.
  7. Wrap the hoodie with a clean bath towel to further wick away the moisture.
  8. On another clean towel, lay the sweater out flat.
  9. Locate and enlarge the areas of the hoodie that you like. If you want it longer, gently extend the hem and the top of a shoulder in both directions. Hold both side seams and gently pull in both directions to widen the chest area.
  10. Stretch the hoodie until it is the desired size with mild yet strong pressure.
  11. Keep the hoodie out of the dryer! Instead, let it dry naturally. You may make it even longer by hanging it up and allowing the weight of the water to draw the hem down as it dries!

2. Stretch Without Water

You can also stretch it out without water if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of lugging around a damp sweatshirt. Portable steamers for clothing or curtains are required.

Many travel accessory companies sell compact steamers, which can be found in stores like Walmart or Target or online. The price of a little steamer that can handle only a few cups of water is around $20.

  1. If you don’t have a wireless steamer, start by hanging your hoodie somewhere with an outlet nearby. In most circumstances, you want to ensure that the steamer cord does not get in the way of reaching the sweatshirt.
  2. Turn on your steamer and wait for it to heat up before you begin cooking.
  3. Keep the steamer’s nozzle directed away from you at all times! The steam pouring out of the nozzle may appear benign, yet it is capable of severely burning your skin.
  4. In a sweeping motion, use steam to permeate the hoodie from top to bottom so that the steam can reach every region. There is a good chance that you’ll want to repeat this action on each side of the sweatshirt as well.
  5. Gently pull critical places in different directions while the hoodie is still moist and warm. Strike your sweatshirt’s shoulders and hem to make it longer, or grab both sides of its throat opening and gently tug to widen it!
  6. The steamer can be used again if the hoodie cools down before you complete stretching, so you can resume your workout.

If you need to quickly increase the size of your hoodie, this is the way to go! You don’t have to wait as long as you would for the soaking in water procedure because it will cool and dry immediately.

If you’d want a pro tip, try using a steamer function on your iron and carefully moving it over the fabric as the steam flows out. It is, however, much easier to experiment with this procedure using a handheld steamer!

3. With Sewing

Your hoodie can be made larger with the help of your sewing machine, so long as you have one around. A hoodie can be made larger and altered in various ways using sewing.

If you want to learn more about how to sew larger sleeves or a sweatshirt, keep reading this post! Adding more fabric to a sweatshirt is a simple and effective approach to increase its circumference in the torso.

  1. Remove the hood first. Carefully undo the stitches attaching the sweatshirt’s hood to the neckline with a seam ripper. Save the hood for a different time.
  2. The exact location of the back of the neck’s center can be determined using a tape measure. Make a note of this.
  3. At this point, draw a straight line along the middle of the back. Adding extra room to your hoodie is as simple as cutting it longer. Take a measurement of this slit and jot it down.
  4. Take your supplemental content now. There are a variety of materials that can be used, including stretch lace, knitted fabric in any color, and even a matching sweatshirt fleece. Cut a triangle of this cloth with each side measuring the same distance from the center back as the measurement you just recorded.
  5. Using your scissors, cut a “v” shape out the split you made in the middle back. Pin triangle into the “v” shape.
  6. Sew up the two sides of the “v” with a sewing machine.
  7. It’s time to return to the ghetto. Cut the hood in half by slicing it in half along the seam.
  8. Take a look at your add-ons once more. It’s time to revisit the measurement you took. Make a second strip the same width as the first. Glue the long edge of the hood to the new cut edge of the other half of it. Put it in place with a few stitches of your choice. It’s time to attach the other half of the hood to the strip.
  9. Reattach the hood to the neck with safety pins. Ensure that the hood and center back add-in strips are exactly matched!
  10. Reinsert the hoodie’s hood with a stitch around the neckline’s circle.

4. Without Sewing

Several alternative cutting methods can be used to increase the size of your hoodie without stitching. A pair of scissors is all you need to give this technique a whirl!

Follow these procedures to adjust the hoodie’s neckline:

  1. Using a table or cutting mat, lay out your sweatshirt front-facing up.
  2. Measure the neckline using a tape measure to get the exact center. This can usually be found precisely in the middle of the two drawstrings.
  3. Make a mark with a piece of chalk at this location.
  4. After that, mark the point where you want the V’s tip to finish. Place this position lower on the front of the hoodie if you want a deep V-neck. This point should be kept closer to the original neckline if you desire a wide, short V-neck.
  5. Cut a straight line between the two chalk points with your scissors.
  6. You may now create a V-shape by folding the sliced edges away from one another. Remove any extra fabric by cutting it with scissors if you choose not to have folds.

Try making a cropped hoodie by following these steps:

  1. On both sides of the hoodie, note the new length by putting it on and taking a measurement. Use a safety pin or a piece of chalk to do this.
  2. Use a tape measure to verify that the markings on both sides are the same.
  3. Cut across the hoodie from one mark to the next with a pair of scissors that are sharp enough to handle.
  4. Leaving the cut edge of the sweatshirt fleece will give it an edgy and fashionable appearance because it will not fray!

5. Professional Tailor

Getting your hoodie tailored by a professional tailor is an option if you want it altered permanently but don’t want to learn how to sew. The sleeves, neckline, and drawstring sections of a sweatshirt can be altered for as little as $12 to $20 by several tailors.

Do you think it’s worth the time and money to find a tailor and to pay this person? Of course, the decision is entirely up to you! Consider hiring an expert to increase your favorite sweatshirt, especially if it’s a nice one.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to experiment with some easy modifications on a hoodie you picked up for $10 at the beach. You may always just buy a new hoodie instead of paying a tailor to mend your old one if something goes wrong.

How To Make Hoodie Sleeves Longer

It’s also possible to prolong the sleeve by adding an embellishment to the bottom edge of the sleeve, such as ruffles or a bow. You can do this by hand or with a sewing machine by stitching a ribbon or piece of lace to the inside of the original cuff.

How Do You Loosen Hoodie Hoods

How Do You Loosen Hoodie Hoods

You can loosen your hoodie’s hood by stretching out the hood and neck hole. The drawstring inside the hood can also be loosened to expand this region of the hoodie.

The steps for soaking and stretching a hoodie hood are the same for stretching a hoodie hood. Then, if you still feel your neck getting too stiff after the soak, try stretching it out from one side to the other or focusing on the neckline. Up to a one-size increase in this area of the sweatshirt should be possible!

It’s possible that the drawstrings in a hoodie can get tangled up and shrink after multiple washes, making the hood too tiny. The solution is as follows:

  1. To begin, just remove the thread or chord by drawing it out.
  2. Throw out the drawstring if it’s worn or twisted; you can even use a long shoelace for this! ). If you think it’s safe to do so, go ahead and do so.
  3. Put a drinking straw on one end of the string. To keep the plastic straw’s other end secure, use a paperclip, safety pin, or staple.
  4. Push the stapled end of the straw into the fabric tube at the hood’s edge. The straw must be worked through until it reaches the other end.
  5. Make a clean break with your straw.
  6. For safety, tie a knot at the other end of the string.

How To Make A Sweatshirt Longer

How To Make A Sweatshirt Longer

You may extend the length of a sweatshirt by stretching it or by adding more material to its hem.

In order to make a sweater longer, you can use the water-soaking procedure discussed earlier in this article.

Considering getting a longer sweatshirt? Afterwards, hang up the hoodie and secure the bottom hem with little weights! Stretching the sweatshirt will be aided by the hoodie’s heavier weight and heavier water content.

Ruffles and additional panels of fabric can be sewn onto the bottom of the hoodie to give the garment an extra feminine touch. This can be as long as you want it to be!

  1. Start by taking a measurement from the hoodie’s original hem. Write down the measurement with a flexible sewing tape measure.
  2. Proceed by cutting out an inch-long piece of laces, ribbons, or other ruffled trimming.
  3. Make a circle by pinning the short ends of the trim together.
  4. Sew the frayed ends together with a sewing machine. The circumference of your trim should now equal the circumference of the sweatshirt hem.
  5. Pin the lace or trim to the inside of the hem with sewing pins.
  6. Remove the sewing pins as you sew around the pinned circle.
  7. Make a clean cut to remove any stray threads.
  8. The hem of the sweatshirt should be ironed so that the trim drapes flat from the bottom.

How to Widen a Hoodie Neck

To make a hoodie’s neck appear wider, either remove the shirt’s shoulder seams or transform the neckline into a V-neck.

If you want to make a V-neck out of your hoodie, follow the steps outlined in this article!

Follow these methods to broaden the neck at the shoulder seams:

  1. You’ll need to start by removing the hood’s front panels from the collar. Using a seam ripper, carefully remove the stitches that keep the hood in place. This should be done up to one inch past the shoulder seam on the neckline.
  2. Reapply the seam ripper, and carefully remove the remaining one inch of stitching from the shoulder seams. You’ll get a wider neckline if you let the shoulder seam hang an inch longer.
  3. Reattach the hood to the neck with safety pins. The expanded shoulder seams give you more room this time. Don’t be concerned that the hood will fall short of the new neckline!
  4. The hood should be sewn to the inside edge of the neckline, where it was pinned in place.
  5. The final step is to complete the neckline’s drooping edges. If you want a more worn-in appearance, simply leave the cut edge exposed. Either stitch or fold over the cut edge and hem it to complete the finished edge with some bias tape or with your sewing machine.

A sweatshirt without a hood makes this procedure much more convenient! You can snip right into the shoulder seams of a hoodless sweatshirt and leave the cut edge raw if you prefer a more rugged aesthetic. For a perfectly finished, huge neck hole in the sweatshirt, you can hem the new opening.

How Do You Modify a Hoodie

A hoodie may be transformed into anything you choose, from a ninja suit to a dress.

Make your sweatshirt into a “Ninja” suit for a low-key Halloween costume with a simple, inexpensive adjustment.

  1. A plain black hoodie is an excellent place to start.
  2. Find a fleece “neck gator” for cheap. If you want the best results, go with a black one!
  3. Invert your hoodie so that the inside is facing out.
  4. The neckline of a sweatshirt should be located in the middle front. This is where you want to secure the neck gator’s edge.
  5. The neck gator should be sewn to the sweatshirt’s neckline on the inside, either by hand or with a sewing machine.
  6. Continually repeat this step at the back.
  7. It’s now possible to wear a hoodie with a neck gator and pull it up to cover the lower half of your face when you put it on.

Sweatshirt dresses can be created by layering two sweatshirts together.

  1. One sweatshirt’s hem can be shortened by chopping it off at the bottom.
  2. Straighten out the second sweater by drawing a straight line across it immediately below the arms. Remove the upper piece of the sweatshirt by cutting along this line.
  3. Using sewing pins, attach the cut sweatshirts’ raw edges together. Do this by putting the knitted side of the sweatshirt together.
  4. Turn the sweatshirts inside out and sew around the pinned circle.
  5. Get to know your new dress!

The possibilities for sweatshirt customization are virtually limitless. If you’re looking to add some color to your clothes, you can use tie-dye or Shibori dye. Beads, buttons, and plastic jewels can be sewn or glued on. You can embroider your sweatshirt by hand or using an embroidery machine.

A heat press can be used to apply vinyl cut-outs or printed images to your hoodie, depending on how fancy you want to get. You may even paint designs on your hoodie with fabric markers or fabric paint!

Do Hoodies Shrink in the Dryer?

If you have a hoodie made of cotton, it is very likely to shrink in the dryer. Because of the way its fibers are arranged, cotton can shrink quite a little when exposed to heat and moisture!

You don’t want your hoodie to shrink after all the effort you put into making it bigger! Take a look at these suggestions for sweatshirt maintenance to keep it looking and fitting its best for as long as possible.

  • After washing your hoodie, hang it outside to dry. If you don’t want to accidently shrink the sweatshirt by a couple of sizes, stay away from the dryer.
  • You should wash your sweater every five wears. In order to reduce the frequency of washing, put it over a t-shirt!
  • Turn the hoodie inside out before washing it. The knit surface and any printed designs or logos will be protected by this.
  • Using duct tape to remove pilling from an old sweatshirt is a great way to get rid of them! The cloth will not be harmed by scissors as a result of this method

How to Style Oversized Hoodie

Now that you’ve succeeded in enlarging your hoodie, you might be interested in some styling suggestions for your new look. These baggy sweatshirts, which are always in style, haven’t gone out of style, which is a good thing!

Almost always, wearing a roomy sweatshirt with slim-fitting pants looks fantastic. Think about wearing slim-fitting denim, leggings, or khakis.

The sweatshirt, leggings, and fall boots style is now acceptable for everyone, from college students to moms in minivans.

Wearing a long sweatshirt with shorts in the summer can be fashionable for both men and women! For a laid-back look, guys can wear a loose hoodie with boat shorts or khakis shorts.

Consider wearing a hoodie with a skirt or a dress for a more daring look! Adding a pair of heeled boots to this attire will help it stand out even more.

Layering a jacket over your hoodie might give you a more rugged look. Wearing a denim, corduroy, or leather jacket can help you look cool while also keeping you warm during the fall and winter months.


Hoodies can be made larger by either stretching them out or adding stitched modifications. It’s easier to stretch cotton sweatshirts, although polyester hoodies can be stretched to a larger size with some care. It is the simplest approach to loosen a sweatshirt for stretching to soak it in warm water and hair conditioner or apply heated steam with a handheld steamer.

You can also use a sewing machine to make alterations to your hoodie. When making the hoodie larger, you can widen the neckline, lengthen the hem or sleeves, or even add an extra panel of laces at the back of your neck.

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