15 Stunning Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs (with Free Patterns) Update 05/2022

Did you know there’s a quilt pattern that represents love, romance, and longevity?

The pattern I’m referring about is the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern (DWR), which is a lovely canvas of interwoven rings that creates a lovely quilt top.

I’d want to share a brief history of the wedding quilt, as well as samples of the pattern and links to some free DWR patterns.

What is a Double Wedding Ring Quilt?

The interconnecting rings that make up the double wedding ring quilt pattern represent two people becoming one during a wedding ceremony. Depending on the fabric choice, the quilt’s look and feel or style might change dramatically.

They’re usually prepared as wedding gifts or for anniversaries. This quilt is a lovely gift produced with love, and it also symbolizes the love between the couple receiving it.

The History of the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

The DWR pattern has been around for a long time, dating back to the mid- to late-nineteenth century. The pattern’s popularity soared during the Great Depression, owing to the fact that it is a “scrap friendly” pattern.

During the Great Depression, people were getting married, but their friends and family couldn’t afford to buy brand new fabric or offer expensive gifts to the newlyweds. To make this particular gift, women could dig through their fabric stockpile for yardage purchased years ago or cut up old bedding and clothing.

The DWR pattern has weathered the test of time, and is still a go-to gift option for weddings and anniversaries that couples and families will appreciate for decades, because to its exquisite symbolism and timeless look.

15 Beautiful Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designs

I’ve compiled a variety of DWR quilts in the hopes of inspiring you and assisting you in making design decisions for your own project. Here you’ll find both conventional and modern interpretations of this classic pattern.

1. Traditional Vintage DWR quilt

 Traditional Vintage DWR quilt

With its light background, scrappy rings, and vivid palette, this quilt is the ultimate double wedding ring design. Double wedding ring quilts were traditionally created from old garments and other scraps of fabric.

2. Double Wedding Ring Quilt with Applique

Double Wedding Ring Quilt with Applique

This quilt top not only has a sophisticated DWR design, but it also has beautiful vines and leaves applique to take it to the next level of quilt design.

3. Modern Take on the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Modern Take on the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This quilt elegantly combines current fabrics and color palettes with a DWR quilt’s classic and timeless style. I really like how the background is a medium gray and the rings are all light tones.

4. The Bali Wedding Quilt

The Bali Wedding Quilt

Wow! I’m almost speechless when I see the Bali Wedding Quilt. The designer not only used DWR, but also added intricate star points to the rings. Using batiks to give this quilt top a boho feel was also brilliant.

5. Coordinating Color Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Coordinating Color Double Wedding Ring Quilt

The mockup for the Coordinating Colors DWR quilt illustrates how you can make this stunning quilt top with just a few different fabrics. It almost has a stained-glass vibe about it, which I like.

6. Dark Background Variation DWR Quilt

Dark Background Variation DWR Quilt

Another great example of how a dark background helps those rings and applique flowers stand out! The contrast between the charcoal background and the bright hues is striking but not overbearing.

7. Modern Bright Colors on Dark Background DWR Quilt

Modern Bright Colors on Dark Background DWR Quilt

Check out this modern beauty with a dark background and vivid colors. This quilt’s designer took it a step further by utilizing colorful thread to create some stunning, complicated FMQ.

8. Pastel Rings on a Dark Background DWR Quilt

Pastel Rings on a Dark Background

This quilt, like #6 on our list, contains charming floral applique and square-ish scrappy rings. Using a black background gives this quilt pattern a sleek, futuristic appearance.

9. Double Wedding Ring Sampler Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Sampler

Consider how long it took to make this quilt top. Not only did the designer create a perfect DWR, but they also added a block in the middle of each ring to showcase a sampler design. Breathtaking!

10. Scrappy Rainbow DWR Quilt

Scrappy Rainbow DWR

I don’t know about you, but a rainbow color pallet appeals to me. The color blending is quite attractive to the eye, and it complements the DWR quilt pattern perfectly.

11. Modern Abstract Bicolored DWR Quilt

Modern Abstract Bicolored

This striking abstract design was created with only two colors, adding to the mini quilt’s modern appeal.

Not only did the designer use an offset design to modernize the typical DWR pattern, but they also incorporated quilting to add another layer of modern yumminess to their creation.

12. Embellished Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Embellished Double Wedding Ring

This quilt appears to be a typical DWR at first view, unless you examine the rings more closely. Those beautiful needle worked circle applique pieces aren’t part of the cloth. The extra applique pieces add a charming, delightful touch to this quilt.

13. Ombre Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Ombre Double Wedding Ring

These rings are incredible. They almost appear to be spinning on the quilt top and move independently. In quilting, ombre fabric is becoming more popular, and this is a great illustration of how to do it right.

14. Garden-Inspired DWR Quilt

Garden-Inspired DWR

I believe we’ve all realized that appliqué and DWR go together. Take a look at this absolutely stunning quilt top. The applique vines, flowers, and foliage are a perfect match for the DWR design.

15. Modern Solid Color Overload DWR Quilt

Modern Solid Color

I adore how with this quilt top, you’re not sure where to start looking. I’m a big lover of utilizing only solid-colored fabrics in quilts, and this DWR pattern is a great example of that.

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