Domestic Sewing Machines: Who Made Them? (Dating and Company History) Update 05/2022

Don’t let the word fool you. The term “domestic” refers to a product produced in one’s own country. It can also be the name of a company that sells sewing machines. This is the situation with this sewing machine manufacturer. This was a short-lived sewing machine manufacturer in the United States. What company created domestic […]

Is Viscose Stretchable? (Stretching Viscose Fabric) Update 05/2022

When materials shrink, it’s natural to want to stretch them out. However, not all materials are created equal, and stretching non-stretchable fabrics can destroy your beloved garments. Make certain you understand the properties of the fabric you want to stretch back to its original size. Is it possible to stretch viscose?  Who you ask will […]

How do you stretch out too-small clothes? (8 Simple Pointers) Update 05/2022

It’s a frequent issue; we’ve all experienced it. A shirt, dress, or other piece of apparel is accidently shrunk and no longer fits. And it just so happens to be your favorite. It’s fortunate that materials can be stretched on sometimes. How do you stretch out too-small clothes? A frock, for example, can be soaked […]

When you wash silk, does it shrink? (How to Easily Shrink Silk) Update 05/2022

The silkworm cocoon produces silk, a natural material. Silk fabric is made into many different types of textiles, including rugs, painting cloth, clothing, linen, and so on. Sericulture is the technique of rearing silkworms to produce silk. Most of the time, one wishes to avoid shrinking one’s garments, but there are situations when one may […]

How to Adjust a Sweater That’s Too Big or Too Small (Easy Tips) Update 05/2022

T-shirts and shirts are simple to change, but what about sweaters? There’s obviously a demand for it, especially because most off-the-hanger alternatives tend to cater to the type of ‘normal’ physique that is everything but average… Is it, however, feasible? Is it possible to change the size of a sweater? Some folks refuse. However, do […]

Sewing Machine by Riccar (Models, Company, Value, Review) Update 05/2022

It could be a good machine you’ve never heard of. Riccar sewing machines have been around for about 80 years, however they are not as widely recognized as other Japanese sewing machine brands. This firm was possibly Japan’s best-kept secret. Riccar began in 1939 under the name Nippon Shokusan Kogyo, which was later changed to […]

Sewing Machine Guide in White (Models, Value, History, Review) Update 05/2022

Sewing machines from the past are true workhorses. While they lack the modern computerized sewing machines’ bells and whistles, they were built to last. White sewing machines are no exception to the rule that ancient vintage machines last forever if properly cared for. The White sewing machine firm was established not long after the introduction […]

What Can I Replace Fabric Softener With? (6 Safe Alternatives) Update 05/2022

There was a time when fabric softeners didn’t exist. People were saved a lot of chemical additives as a result, and they lived healthier lives. People are looking for chemical-free alternatives to fabric softeners after years of using them and reverting to a bygone era. What can I replace fabric softener with? Simply air-dry your […]